Too Short.

Today all I can think about is this sweet face.

This past weekend my friend's little boy
passed away suddenly in his sleep.

I can't even imagine.

Life is short friends. This makes me wonder if I
hug and kiss Blythe enough. If I spend enough
time with her. If I tell her I love her enough.

New Goal:
Tell my family I love them, MULTIPLE, times a day.


deb0318 said...

Melissa, I can't imagine the pain of loosing a child. That's got to be the worse thing anyone could go through.

On a lighter note...we (Jess, Britt, Rachel, and Brooke are getting together at my house Friday evening to do a Valentine wood kit (the one on my blog). If you want to come we would love to have ya!

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Oh NO!! Who Mel? How?

Alycia said...

I have been thinking the exact same thing ever since I heard. Mandy was my roommate at Ricks College and she is one of the strongest most spiritual people I know. I just saw her sweet little boy three days before he died - such a sweetheart!