A Question.

Do your parents have an 'open door policy' at their home?

Meaning, when you visit your parent's home, are you allowed to walk in without knocking, or are you expected to ring the doorbell and wait for them to answer.

If you wouldn't mind commenting, I'd be interested in your answers.



Jessa Smith said...

Walk right in for both sets of parents

Heather said...

walk right in!!! and that goes for both my parents and Jasons!

peckette said...

Dude you know my mom. But I can't believe yours make you do that. I love you and you totally have an open door policy at my house and my moms house too!

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

I just walk right in. I even have a key.

Hales Family said...

Kevin's parents have an open door policy. With both sets of my parents, we knock.

Eh, what can we do?

Tara said...

Walk right in at both sets of parents houses, even have a key for if they are not home hehe! As a joke I bought my mom and dad a garden plague last year that read "I child proofed my house and yet they still get in" :)

P.S. you should check out all the projects I have been making with my Cricut...it is working like a dream!