Any Suggestions??

yep, that's a picture of undies.
or as we call them, "big girl panties"
Blythe has been wearing them,
and doing awesome for about nine months now.

neat-o right?

Ugh, not so much.

For the past month Blythe has been having accidents at least once a day!

And I'm at a total loss....I have no idea what to do.

I've tried reminding her every half hour, taking her to the potty every half hour, threatening diapers and no preschool or dance, all sorts of things.

But to no avail.

Help Mommies....Any Suggestions?!?!?


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Well when Meagan had accidents I would take a toy and put it in jail. I have a china cabinet I can lock. So she could see her toy, and could not get it back until she went a day without an accident. And then I repeat it if she has more. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Has there been any changes lately or stress in her life? Do you think it's on purpose or because she gets "too busy" to bother with going to the bathroom? Maybe it could be something like a bladder infection or something that she can't control???? Didn't ever happen in our house... Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Oh, that was my comment above... Heidi Hiller

kellygirl said...

at the daycare when we had kids that were super-potty trained and would one day just start having accicents if we dug a little deeper, something had usually happened at home. mom went back to work, dad got a different job, they started something new, anything like that, maybe just something small started bothering her. it may sound silly, but choosing to have an accident was something they felt like they could control in their life.