Dear Blythe,

Do you know how simply in love with you I am?
You are growing up so fast and somedays I wish I could just push a button and freeze time so you would stay like this forever.

Right now you are into everything that comes with being a girl.
You love to dance, sing, dress up, and play princess and house.

Every so often you will go into the bathroom and you're in there for a long time brushing your hair, and pretending to put on mommy's makeup.

You are so smart. You pick out your outfits and dress yourself every morning.
You are learning new things constantly! Yesterday you told me and Dad that we needed to make sure that we are recycling our water bottles.
Last week you made sure that I knew that bears sleep all during the winter so I shouldn't wake them up.

Blythe, you fill my life with so much joy. I'm so grateful for you. Thank you for being so patient with Mommy.

Love you so so much sweet girl.


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Emilie said...

That picture is ADORABLE!!!