Let's Talk About Jaxson.

Have you met Jaxson?

He's the newest member of our family.
And friends, let me tell you....greatest dog ever.

Jaxson Loves:
*eating ice
*playing catch
*looking out the window and growling at anything that moves
*drinking the water when I'm in the tub (i know, kinda gross)

Jaxson Dislikes:
*loud noises
*having his sweater taken off
*inflatable seahorses

He's sort of cured my baby hunger.
And I'm super grateful for him.

And he's got the eyebrows of a super hero.


Kassidy and Beau said...

Oh!! He is SO cute!! We have 2 mini Schnauzers and on is named Jack!! How fun :)

Kassidy and Beau said...