guess what?

I suck at returning phone calls in a timely fashion. 
I rarely listen to voicemails.
I'm messy.
I'm the least organized person you will ever meet.
I drink way too much soda. 
I'm a procrastinator.
I spend way too much time on Facebook and Pinterest.
I don't complete 80% of projects that I begin. 
I talk very loud when I get excited, and very fast all the other times.
I talk a lot.
I am not a good housekeeper.
I suck at keeping secrets.
I'm not very good with my finances.
I get very jealous, very quickly. 
I forget people's names. 
I wear yoga pants almost every day.
I only rarely brush my teeth more than once a day. 
And my socks never match...that's when I'm wearing them.

But guess what else?

I'm kind.
I'm caring.
I try to remember birthdays.
I like to believe that there are good people in our government.
I'm proud to live in this country.
I have a close personal relationship with God that is no body's business but mine.
I've seen a lot of the world and pride myself on my ability to adapt to new ideas of culture.
I like potato chips in my sandwich. 
I'm allergic to mayonaise. 
I'm afraid of spiders and hate touching cotton swabs.
I think I'm a good listener. 
I love animals.
I'm pretty funny.
I love my siblings and parents fiercely, with my whole heart.
I love to tell stories and listen to other tell theirs.
I cherish my best friends.
I'm not that great and cooking, but I sure try hard to learn. 
I am a good Mom. 
I pride myself on the decisions I've made for both my children. 
I try and keep my house in good order the best I can. 



Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

And THAT is why I love you so very much!

Tonya said...


You have a talent for writing.