Whenever I'm feeling defeated, bummed, stressed, or just down right blue, I have a favorite book that I like to open up and browse through.

hey that rhymed.

"Prudent Advice"
by: Jaime Morrison Curtis

It's simply bits and pieces of advice for her daughter.
ya, she wrote it just for her baby girl.
And it's brilliant.

some of my favorites include:

#40 "Try to use people's names when you address them, even if you are fairly certain you are never going to see them again."

#260 "Sometimes you just have to cry it out. A good crying jag can be cathartic. It's a girl thing. Just don't do it at work."

#205 "If you rely on popular culture definitions of love, you will in a state of constant disappointment.

#68 "Word is Bond"

#331 "Spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can."

#402 "In Monopoly always buy railroads; never buy utilities.

Oh I could go on and on, but trust me friends, she knows her stuff. 

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