This morning I wandered into my beloved craft room.
And it dawned on me.
I haven't scrapped, crafted, let alone picked up scissors in almost two months.
So I took a few minutes to just peek at my supplies.
oh the paper, the stickers, the embellies.
And look at these....

I have a plan for each of them.
See that red one?
It's going on a pocket on a little skirt I'm making for Blythe.
The brass one on the top right?
The center of a fabric rose.

After looking around for a few more minutes I couldn't resist.
I pulled out my glue gun and some fabric and made this little
hair clip for my niece:
I need to make more time for this I think.
Sounds like a plan.


Joni said...

Way cute...I miss crafting too.

Nicole *Ü* said...

She loves it, and Katie loves hers too!! They're beautiful! I so need to have you teach me how to make them and we'll take an afternoon and just sit down and make a pile of 'em for all our darling daughters!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously we need to get together and make hair clips. You are so talented! Erin