Okay so, when I was in kindergarten on St. Patrick's Day, the teacher hid a basket of treats somewhere in the school. Then she messed up our classroom so when we got there in the morning we were all concerned as to what happened. She told us that a leprechaun had come into our classroom early that morning and messed up our room looking for his pot of gold. Then he left us a note on the black board that there was a pot of gold for us some where in the school and we had to go find it. He would sneak around and keep hiding it in different places so we couldn't find it.

K. For some kids, the idea of a little red headed man running around the school hiding treats, is thrilling.

yeah. Not for me.

I was FUHREAKED out.

I huddled close to my teacher the whole time we were looking for the treats, and wouldn't go in the bathroom for a week after that because I was afraid of this little man hanging out in one of the stalls waiting for his ride home.

Remember, I was only 6 at the time, who knows why my little brain put this all together.

Happy St. Patty's Day.

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Michelle said...

That is such a great story!