Her Goings Ons.

Blythe is a complex little creature.
She's changing so fast that every morning when
I go to get her out of bed, I wonder who will be there waiting for me.
And she's learning at a rate that I simply cannot keep up with.
She can now count to ten.
Knows most of her letters and colors.
Insists on doing everything herself, and
gets angry when we try to help.
Unless she asks for it, then it's okay.

When she says 'orange' it's the cutest thing ever.
I ask her to say it at least five times a day.
Right now her world revolves around popcorn and her cousins.
It's literally all she talks about.
She's asks for a least one of her cousins,
the first thing every morning, and
several times throughout the day.
And wants popcorn for every meal.
(She doesn't get it though, of course)
And at least once a day she asks
where her dog Suzie, and Ya-Ya, and Uncle Scott are.
She also LOVES to tell the story of when she hurt her arm,
and how the doctors fixed it then gave her a new stuffed animal.
Blythe loves to be outside.
She's so interested in the world around her and stops to look at everything.
She recognizes places we have been, gets so excited when we drive past the park,
and thinks that every time we get within
a half a block's radius of the grocery store, that means a cookie.

Oh how I love this girl.
I must have done something great to deserve her,
because wow, she's amazing.
I'm one lucky mama.

Just thought you should know.

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Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Happy Birthday mama! Congrats on being another year older, and for having the cutest little girl ever! I'll be joining in on the getting older in only a few hours from now, so you're not alone...love ya girl!